Media & events in Lanzarote


Having fun is a serious matter

Visiting Lanzarote is to live a unique experience.

It’s no coincidence that it has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. In fact, environmental sustainability is such a strong and deeply rooted value here that it has enabled this area to achieve this significant recognition.

Human development has always been in complete harmony with nature, preserving the island in an exemplary manner.

HI-INVEST invites you to visit these magical places where, amidst crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, walks among volcanoes, and endless landscapes, you can also enjoy the many events that are organized daily.

Art and sports, culture and gastronomy, music festivals and international competitions fill the calendar of events on the island, we’re sure that you will not get bored!



Visit the works of César Manrique, enjoy a concert inside a lava cave, attend the toughest sports competition (Ironman), participate in the training sessions of the best sailors and surfers in the world and then,  savor Canarian cuisine in a modern way in gourmet restaurants.


Because having fun is a serious matter!


Below is a list of useful links where you can find all the information you need to take advantage of and enjoy these international events.

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