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Live the life you've always wanted thanks to our real estate 720°services

With us you will always feel like family because we put human relationships with our clients first. That is why we don’t sell only real estate, but rather a true experience that can improve people’s lives.


Our job is offering all the necessary services so that you can realize your dream in a simple, serene and exciting way.

Probably only HI-INVEST has the range to lead the real estate industry towards an innovative reputation that will make Lanzarote the new Premium destination on the international scene.


While others focus on simply facilitating a transaction, HI-INVEST agents believe in the value of delivering  extraordinary experiences by defying mediocrity and always giving you a 720° service.


“I need it by tomorrow at 7”

We’re going to tell you a secret: at  HI-INVEST we don’t know how, but everything (absolutely everything) is possible, we are the magic you need in your life.

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Legal advice

With HI-INVEST, you’ll experience a client-lawyer relationship built on mutual trust. You’ll receive protection for your rights and interests, assurance of legal compliance in every operation, and removal of obstacles standing in the way of your dreams.

We create the conditions for your dreams to safely come true.

Administrative management

✔ Generating and collecting receipts from tenants, tracking consumption and monitoring.

✔ Sending monthly settlement to Owners of amounts collected.

✔ Control and monitoring of deadlines, price renewals (IPC), and general compliance with the contract.

✔ Attention to incidents from the Lessee and monitoring of claims and breakdowns – Insurance Company –

✔ Direct relationship with the Tenant, in complete coordination with the owner.

✔ Property vacancy management, supervising the state of the dwelling and settlement of the tenant’s deposit.

✔ Set-up management for a new rental.

DO YOU WANT to live in Lanzarote?

✔  Applications for both the NIE and residence

✔  Open checking accounts

✔  Contacts with insurance companies – Organize insurance policies.

✔  Contacts with car companies

✔  Everything you need to move to live in Lanzarote


“A language puts you in a hallway for life. Two languages open all the doors of the tour for you”

  Frank Smith

✔ Hablamos Español 

✔ We speak English

✔ Wir sprechen deutsch

Parliamo italiano

✔ On parle français

✔ Vorbim românește

comprehensive reforms

Are you thinking of doing a comprehensive reform in your home or business?

Do you need to find the best value for money on the market in Lanzarote?


HI-INVEST ‘s philosophy has always been to offer high-quality renovation services, with the best materials and highly qualified professionals; always accompanied by a careful treatment and professional advice to the client.


HI-INVEST and its partners have a wide range of services and specialists in all types of work related to comprehensive reforms and rehabilitation of real estate, whether for individuals or companies.


Construction, reforms, specialized technicians, minor works, installation or maintenance work, specific reforms for stores… in short, any type of work you need, always counting on the most advanced and innovative systems and techniques on the market. HI-INVEST and its partners is a modern company that is always up to date.


Cultivating a unique relationship based on trust and care is essential for everything to work. 

Butterflies in the stomach may be a fantasy, but what we feel for our clients is very much like it.


HI-INVEST will take care of your property and your staying at all times, also offering you all kinds of services.

✔ Key holding

✔ Inspection of your property

✔ Organize cleaning and laundry services.

✔ Organization of gardener and pool maintenance.

✔ Organization of technicians such as electricians, plumbers, television technicians.

✔ Arrange other types of technicians for kitchen appliances such as a washing machine, dishwasher or air conditioning and heating.

✔ Arrange other repairs and maintenance with painters or builders.

✔ Organize fumigations.

✔ Organize insurance policies.

✔ Supervision and management of maintenance work.

✔ Organize welcome packs in your fridge for your arrival.

✔ Receive furniture or purchases in your absence.

✔ Check your mailbox.

✔ Organize connections for electricity, water and other utilities.

✔ Pay your electricity and water bills and any other bill that is requested.

✔ Collect rent from your tenants.

✔ Contact point of the alarm company.

✔ Arrange locksmith.

✔ Arrange childcare.

✔ Organize Internet and telephone connections.

✔ Organize private services as a cook or waiter.

✔ Pick up from the airport.

✔ Car rental.

✔ Hotel and restaurant reservation.

✔ Boat and yacht reservation

✔ Reservation of jets and helicopters.

We can perform any other type of service you request. Just tell us what you need. Nothing is impossible for HI-INVEST, what seems difficult we make it easy, we are at your disposal at 720°.

HI-INVEST has a solution for every problem, leaving nothing to chance

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