We help you invest your future in the Canary Islands

We make it easy and simple

We firmly believe that Lanzarote and the Canary Islands represent much more than what is known. The potential of these places remains unexpressed.


Our mission is to contribute to making this Paradise a destination of greater international consideration, raising the standard of services to a higher level capable of attracting exclusive and demanding tourism, successful investors, people seeking well-being, privacy, relaxation and luxury.


We are convinced that investing here means a guarantee for the future. HI-INVEST is much more than a real estate agency and that is why it is positioned in the real estate scene as a different and unique company from everything else.

"Investing is simple, but it's not easy"

W. Buffet


Your perfect investment plan is carried out by us.

Preparing a real estate’s business plane investment can be complex. Knowing which professionals to turn to in case of need allows you to come out favored.

That is why at HI-INVEST you will find an advisory activity if you want to rent your house.

In fact, having clear costs and income, the risks, and above all the objectives, will help you maximize the benefits of your leased properties, minimizing expenses.

Contact us and discover the best strategy to optimize your investment.


Earn all year with tourism

We manage the property for you, finding and receiving tourists throughout the year. We maximize your income by generating up to 12% annual ROI on investment.


Our structure is capable of fully managing any property, from the smallest apartment to the most exclusive and luxurious villa.


Rent your house without unnecessary worries!

Forget about any long-term rental worries and problems. From bureaucratic procedures to managing relationships with tenants, from tax obligations to maintenance.

The only thing you have to remember is to check your monthly income and enjoy life. The rental of your property is done by HI-INVEST.

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