Architecture & Interior Design in Lanzarote

Your home says who you are

Real estate and interior design are two worlds that are getting closer.

HI-INVEST ‘s design division is an integral part of this concept and is at your complete disposal to help you transform a new house into your personal home: the one that says who you are!

Each house is unique and different from the others, since it has its own characteristics, history and potential, but above all it must reflect the personality and needs of those who inhabit it every day.

That is why it is essential to understand and satisfy needs of our customers.

Walls are not enough to make a home.

Our work is pure passion and we cannot do it without elements that most inspire us: the magnetic nature of Lanzarote and the timeless stylistic heritage of César Manrique.

The continuous search for a relationship between tradition and modernity, the careful selection of materials and definition of details, in fact define each new project by uniting comfort, elegance and contemporaneity.

interior design LANZAROTE

New and modern design

As the design division of HI-INVEST , we have deep experience in this field and have excellent partnerships with professionals, craftsmen and builders who can guarantee you excellent results.


We follow all phases of real estate project, from design of the building, through analysis of budgets and costs, to design and realization the interiors.


We propose concepts for architectural and interior design for recovery  existing buildings or new constructions.

We make your dream a reality. We don’t just design, ideate or advise. Our big difference is that we know how to make your new home a reality.

Are you curious to imagine how your property could be transformed?

LANZAROTE: A timeless architecture

César Manrique

No new architectural project on the island can do without the timeless imprint left by its most famous inhabitant: César Manrique.


Lanzarote is Manrique and Manrique is Lanzarote.


Defining such a polyhedral figure in a single word is really complicated: he was an architect, sculptor, painter, landscaper, urban designer, activist and pioneer of ecology.


A whole life dedicated to art, to matter as the main protagonist of his compositions, search harmony and balance between man, nature and architecture.



“To me, it was the most beautiful place on Earth. And I realized that if they could see it through my eyes, then they would think like me.”


This is how Manrique considered his homeland, the volcanic and capricious Lanzarote.


Lanzarote became for Manrique a true canvas on which to express his artistic talents and his ideas about ecology and respect for the environment.


The great merit of Manrique’s art, in fact, has been to have requalified several areas of the island, experimenting with his own skills and with the available materials, to create architectural works in perfect harmony with the brutish and powerful nature of his island.


He created a new aesthetic thought that he called Art-Nature/Nature-Art.


Manrique ‘s works respect the environment that surrounds them, they are perfectly inserted, as if they had always been there, as if that had always been their place, it is as if man and nature were one thing.


Manrique has also had a very strong impact – and above all – on this: arguing at length with his fellow islanders and convincing them that one could live peacefully on tourism without necessarily having to disfigure the landscape.


It has managed to defend its environmental values and contribute greatly to the urban plan that has given Lanzarote the appearance it still maintains today.


The big and ugly resorts all the same, the ones we call eco-monsters today, are very rare on this island; houses of the many hopeful villages on the volcanic hills are made of houses covered with white lime, in a visual harmony that is unique in the world and that hardly goes unnoticed.


Very rarely will you find non-receptive structures taller than two stories, or billboards along the streets.


That is why at HI-INVEST we have a moral duty to preserve and spread the lesson that Manrique has left us.

Our team of architects and designers will make your dream home come true.

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