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HI-INVEST has a different design. Our work is much more than real estate. Our work is your life, your dreams and build your legacy. We will be the catalyst for change real estate by revolutionizing the way does business.


We believe that a client is not a simple number to earn money. Our approach is focused on the real needs of people.



Alina Chircu

“If we spend enough time dreaming, then the dream might eventually become real: welcome to Lanzarote welcome at HI-INVEST"


Alina Chircu

“If we spend enough time dreaming, then the dream might eventually become real: welcome to Lanzarote welcome at HI-INVEST"

Our team is growing.

HI-INVEST is building a better way of doing business in real estate by creating predictable and sustainable systems and models to facilitate the success of high-producing agents looking to take their business to the next level.

We provide an exciting opportunity for goal-oriented real estate agents by creating unparalleled success for you, your business and your team.

We value visionary thinking, profitability and hard work driven by passion for success. Our goal is to change the real estate industry through superior talent, proven systems and models, and revolutionary technology.

We will be #1 in each of the five categories: residential Real Estate, development & investments, mortgages, title and insurance.

We believe that integrity, teamwork, passion, responsibility and a learning mindset are the key principles of true success.

Approaching a new and unknown market often leads to rash decisions and trust the wrong people. Result? Waste of time, energy, money and health.


With us, this problem cannot exist because we understand people, their wishes, their needs, what they want and what they do not want.


That is why we work every day with passion, dedication and sacrifice with a single goal: make our clients’ experience perfect in every single point. We do it by contributing what our values are.


From the beginning you have all the necessary information about what to buy or sell, about what to invest without unexpected surprises.


We are real people, we are not a search engine, an algorithm or a call center. We are your point of reference, we are human beings with a voice, advice, emotions to share, we are support that knows how to understand and always finds a solution. We have hearts.


We have been working with hundreds of clients from all over the world for many years, we know how to deal with each of the different needs with confidence, we know everything that needs to be done to make an investment a successful experience.


You can always trust us, even after the sale or service purchased, we are always available to resolve any subsequent request and need in the interest of the client.


For each aspect, we have the best professionals who are always capable of solving each need in the most advantageous, correct and fast way.

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